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Principal The Rev. Dr. Michael Lloyd speaks about the new School of Evangelism at Wycliffe Hall

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School of Evangelism

In the last 140 years, Wycliffe has grown and developed, empowering thousands of people to lead and impact in every sphere of life and help God’s kingdom and glory to grow. Church statistician Peter Brierley has said of the western Church, however, that it is “one generation away from extinction”. Training in evangelism and evangelistic preaching can make a monumental difference in offering the hope that our culture desperately seeks.

Wycliffe Hall’s School of Evangelism intends to raise up a new generation of evangelists. The aim is to work towards the re-evangelization of the nations by equipping men and women to lead others to Christ and then discern, disciple and deploy others to do the same. We need a final $80,000 to complete the funding of the school to thoroughly resource it for the first three years.

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