Michael Lloyd

Michael Lloyd, Principal

Dear Friends and Alumni,

Welcome to the website for our American Friends of Wycliffe Hall and thank you for your interest in our theological college. I am eager for Wycliffe to be a centre for the intellectual renewal of the church—and through the church, of society. The western church is at a low ebb, with diminishing numbers, diminishing influence and diminishing “believability”. At Wycliffe, we are not interested in managing that decline—we are determined to work towards reversing it. By our teaching, we aim to send out Christian leaders who are equipped to outthink the critics at every level. And by our research, we aim to influence what is being said and taught and thought in the Academy since that is what will be said and thought on the streets in twenty years’ time.

I also want us to continue to be a centre for the renewal of Christian preaching- sending out men and women who will preach in such a way as to help people live well. Do that, and we’ll fill our churches.

Thirdly, I want Wycliffe to be a centre for the renewal of Christian character. Probably the main reason for the low esteem in which the church is currently held is failings of Christian character. Again, I am determined that Wycliffe should train its students in stability and faithfulness of character.

And lastly, I long for Wycliffe to be a centre for the renewal of Christian prayer. Because without prayer, we shan’t be able to do any of the others.

Please come visit us if your travel plans take you to the UK, and we welcome you especially to one of our upcoming courses such as the School of Preaching or Summer School 2014 which is themed Surprised by Joy: Christian Themes in CS Lewis’ Writings.

Yours in Christ,

Revd Dr Michael Lloyd